For us today Cyprus is a popular place for a beach holiday. The mild climate, adequate service in the hotels, clean beaches are more than popular among travelers.

What do we know about sailing in this region? Yes, almost anything. So today we want to share with you a couple of interesting routes and present catamaran, available for Charter in Cyprus.

Located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, the island of Cyprus a very attractive to rent a yacht for both beginners and seasoned sailors. Calm sea, absence of large tides and tides, the long season allows go sailing without particular limitations.
Officially, the season opens may 1 and ends October 31. But those who come to the island in mid-November, still time to catch the warm waters of the sea and comfortable temperature. Weekly route depending on the weather.
The first option: West, Limassol - Kato-Pyrgos;
The second option: East, Limassol - Famagusta.


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