Pissouri Bay

It is the excellent beach with crystal water located in a lonely bay. The village of Pissuri saved the atmosphere of "province". Traditional original buildings are buried in green of vineyards.

Aphrodite Stone

According to legends Aphrodite was born here. If woman swim three times around a stone, she will save beauty for many years, and this place gives to men more health.


It is the amazing museum in the open air, where collected a lot of historical monuments. Everywhere here fragments of the destroyed churches and temple complexes. One of the most popular sanctuaries in Cyprus - the St. Solomoniya's catacombs existing in the 4th century BC. Here people come to ask about healing. The Paphos park of birds and animals is more than 100 thousand sq.m. could strike everyone with a variety of local fauna.

Coral Bay beach

One of the best Paphos beaches with a small sand. On the beach water is always 3-5 degrees warmer, than anywhere in Cyprus. Infrastructure of the beach is very comfortable for tourists.

Cape Drepanos

There is Saint George's church. Any person, who desperate to find the half, can put a candle with belief to the best there. There is the wish-tree on the edge of the cape. It is only necessary to whisper it the dream, to tie a rag on a branch and the desire will soon be granted.

Laura Beach

The beautiful beach where huge green turtles lay eggs. There is their reserve in the same place.


The reserve with the beauty nature where grows up endemics plants, lives 168 kind of bird and twenty kind of butterflies. There is Aphrodite's swimming bath in the same place, the legend said that she tooks baths here.

Blue lagoon

It is the paradise on the earth! One of the most beautiful places in Cyprus with the blue crystal water where it is possible to meet the swiming sea turtles. To swim in such place - is the dream of any tourist.


The village is very famous. It has wide beautiful beaches, the rich nature and tasty local dishes.


It is the fishing harbor where the excellent catch is guaranteed to you. In a village tavern you will be able to try an octopus in specialty sauce.


It is the nice small village located on the seashore rolling in an eucalyptus grove. Here you can feel local life.


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