Cyprus besides remarkable beach rest is famous also for many other entertainments. Sea fishing in Cyprus, which attracts tourists from the entire world, enjoys special popularity. During travel on the yacht you have sunbathe, see new unusual places and, of course, fish.

Our company will organize for you fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, which will become the most fascinating and remarkable event of your rest. It is possible to fish here on many kinds of fish.

If you rent the yacht, you can try the next ways of catching:

Trolling – provides conducting of bait by means of the yacht or the boat. As bait, both live and artificial fish can be used.
The spinning – this method in the open sea seldom happens unsuccessful.
Drifting – catching from the drifting yacht, which can move with the switched-on or switched off motor. Such fishing in Cyprus allows catching even large sharks, using as a bait of a live tuna or a mackerel.
The fly-fishing – is used very easy artificial bait, which imitates the insect that fell in water.
Ground fishing provides catching from the stopped yacht. The bait falls by a bottom of the sea and keeps by means of a sinker there. This way allows catching the large fishes eating at the bottom.

What can we offer?

If you rent the yacht in our company, you will find on the board all necessary equipment, including the professional sonic depth finder allowing finding a congestion of fish at a depth up to 900 m.

Moreover, fishing from our yacht provides the help of skilled instructors. They are including the price.

One-day and multi-day programs of voyage, the guaranteed catch, unforgettable impressions and pleasant trip on the yacht – all this waits for you. You need only to reserve the yacht in our company, having contacted our manager.

Renting the yacht in our company provides the following types of catching:

  • Sea fishing on octopuses and squids
    Sea fishing on octopuses and squids

    Similar entertainment is very popular among tourists, and we will supply participants of such fishing with all necessary: tackles, masks and flippers. This quite fascinating occupation demands a certain skill though to catch an octopus or a squid everyone can. Do not forget to imprint the unusual catch on a photo to show it to friends and acquaintances.

  • Sea deep-water fishing in Cyprus
    Sea deep-water fishing in Cyprus

    You will be able to fish at a depth up to 50m. If good luck smiles to you, you can catch even a shark and the atmosphere of competition, passion and emission of adrenaline – we guarantee. Deep-water fishing will become an excellent adventure irrespective of your age and a floor.

  • Fishing on a tuna
    Fishing on a tuna

    The season of catching a tuna in Cyprus from July to August. To catch this fishes quite difficult and for each tuna, it is necessary to be overcome. Because such fish lives deeply therefore you should wait for it and to make efforts to pull out it from water. However, the catch because of such will please any - often-happy tourists get a tuna long more than a meter.

  • Sports fishing on sharks
    Sports fishing on sharks

    Though fishing on sharks cannot guarantee 100% success, but in each trip on our yacht, it is possible to catch a small individual.
    Usually, having photographed with such catch, tourists leave the catch. Thus sharks, on which hunting is conducted, are not dangerous to the person. A start such sea adventure early in the morning, and the yacht goes far to the high sea is increases chances to catch a large individual.