To feel the real seaman, it is worth going on our yacht to voyage. The skilled team and comfortable cabins will make your rest unforgettable, and opportunity to swim and sunbathe on the board is a dream of many women.
Thus, deep-water fishing in Cyprus will become fascinating entertainment for real men.

You can combine the relaxing rest on the magnificent yacht with fascinating. Because warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea are a habitat of many species of exotic fishes, including a tuna, grouper, etc.

Features of deep-water fishing

It is possible to call this type of catching the quietest therefore deep-water fishing in Cyprus enjoys popularity among families. Fishing this way provides patient. You can pull out very large fishes from sea depths. In addition, if you will be lucky, you can catch the large tuna or even a shark.

Many tourists prefer to catch fish at night, because in a nighttime you can catch the most exotic and big sea swordfish.

That is what, our company offers:

Renting the yacht in our company guarantees you many new impressions of sea cruise and fishing. In port, we will wait for you with perfectly equipped luxury catamaran, ready to go the high sea.

If you go to travel on our yacht, you have an opportunity:

• To have a rest, swim in the Mediterranean Sea and to sunbathe on the board the magnificent modern catamaran. Moreover, our skilled captain and professional team of the yacht – a guarantee of yours safe and comfortable cruise.
• There is all necessary equipment on our board to take pleasure in deep-water fishing. Moreover, our professional sonic depth finder will allow finding a congestion of sea inhabitants at a depth up to 900 m.
• To receive the help of the skilled instructor, who will train any beginning angler. So even a beginner will catch his first fish.

To reserve the yacht, contact us right now.