Various mollusks are presented to the majority of us by quite exotic creations about which we practically know nothing. Therefore having a rest in Cyprus, it is worth trying fascinating and interesting occupation – catching of octopuses and squids. Sea fishing in Cyprus from our yacht will allow you to feel the real hunter of these mollusks.

If you rent the yacht, you will go about fascinating travel across the Mediterranean Sea independently to pull out an octopus or a squid. There are all necessary equipment and tackles, and the skilled instructor will answer all your questions and will help with sea hunting on the board our vessel. If necessary he will instruct and will tell how to use tackles, because to catch inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea not so simply.

Features of catching of octopuses and squids

Squids – night predators, therefore they are caught usually in a nighttime. However, in the afternoon this type of cephalopods is quite active. Our professional sonic depth finder will help to define a hunting place, and the success of fishing will provide a powerful onboard searchlight of the yacht at night. Special "kalmarnitsa" for a spinning and you will find other not less effective tackles onboard our vessel. Catching of squids in Cyprus is an exotic entertainment, which should be tried to each tourist.

Moreover, it is one octopus best to hunt on a decline or early in the morning. Usually they are caught on shoal (to 50–60 m) by means of special tackles – osminozhnitsa. For this purpose on a road freight above, which fix a wooden stick with hooks becomes attached. In addition, the bait – a small fish is got on a powerful hook of a rod. Having noticed production, the octopus first attacks the potential rival, and hooks stick into his feelers.

Most often the yacht drifts at a small speed is provides the most effective fishing.

Though to try not to turn out at once a fresh-caught mollusk (its meat needs to be soaked within a day), but you surely receive an unforgettable adventure and mass of impressions.

Sea fishing in Cyprus from our yacht gives the following opportunities:

• The comfortable modern vessel, skilled team and all necessary equipment for hunting on mollusks goes into your disposal.
• Our professional instructors will teach all features of such fishing and will help to pull out if necessary your first mollusk.

Thus, we offer cheerful pastime onboard the magnificent yacht with exotic catching of octopuses and squids at quite democratic prices. To reserve the yacht, contact us right now.