One of the most popular entertainments in Cyprus is sea fishing.

The season of catching tuna is from July to August here, but also it is not always possible to catch this predator. Our skilled instructor and the magnificent yacht with all necessary equipment - are the main components of successful fishing.

Features of catching of a tuna

Tuna it is very difficult to catch, because it lives at the depths. Besides this fish, it is necessary to wait long. However, unless it can become an obstacle for the real angler? After all, you have an opportunity to pull out a trophy up to meter in length.

Often anglers go fishing at 3–4 am, and come back to the coast late morning (at 9-10 o'clock). However, you can hunt all the day, but the result is unpredictable.

Usually catching of a tuna in Cyprus provides use trolling when the bait is after the yacht. Often as a bait some kilograms of frozen fish.

Catching of a tuna in Cyprus is an interesting entertainment, which will not leave indifferent any tourist.

Fishing on our yacht:

• In our company, you can rent the magnificent yacht for fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. We are ready to organize multi-day or 3-4-hour fishing depending on your wishes. You can combine fishing with relaxing sea-trip – to swim in the sea, to take pleasure in a magnificent landscape and to sunbathe onboard the catamaran.
• The modern VIP-class yacht with skilled team and the professional instructor will wait for you in port. You will find all necessary equipment on our catamaran, and the professional sonic depth finder will help you to find a tuna at a depth up to 900 m.
• Catching of a tuna in Cyprus is an interesting adventure and usually a rich catch.s

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