For fans of bright impressions, fishing on sharks in Cyprus will become an unusual and interesting adventure. If you rent the comfortable yacht for catching of this predator, you will be able already to go early in the morning.

To catch a big individual, our catamaran with all necessary fishing equipment and the powerful sonic depth finder goes far to the sea, because large predators are live at a depth from 500 meters. Of course, we cannot promise that we will catch the big shark. However, in each fishing it is possible to catch a small predator.

Features of catching sharks in Cyprus

Sports fishing in the Mediterranean Sea are the fascinating entertainment, attracting more and more hazardous tourists. Usually people use linear tackles.

Alternatively, you can try catching of sharks on a powerful fishing rod with a strong scaffold. Remember that a shark very strong rival. To allure a predator to the board often throw top dressing – chopped small fish.

Such fishing on a shark is an amazing pleasure for the skilled fisher, and for the beginner.

That we can offer:

• In our company, you can rent the yacht for any kind of fishing and sea-trips. Onboard the catamaran there is all necessary equipment, and the skilled instructor will help you to catch the real shark.
• Fishing for a shark in Cyprus from our yacht is opportunity to be overcome with a large predator, which will furiously resist. Such fight can proceed some hours – so far the predator will not be tired and will allow lifting itself aboard.
• Any shark, which you will catch from our yacht, is not dangerous for people.
• Except fascinating sports fishing, you can take pleasure in sea-trip on the magnificent yacht, swim in the sea and sunbathe onboard the yacht-catamaran.

To reserve the yacht or to specify information, contact us in the way, convenient for you.