Set of various entertainments made rest in Cyprus unique. Underwater tours, sea walks on the yacht, water attractions and other interesting adventures will not allow you to get bored.

Irrespective of your tastes and inquiries, you will be able always to pick up suitable water entertainments in Cyprus, which will cause in you only pleasure and delight.

Unlike diving, windsurfing, spear fishing and other types of aquatics of entertainment on water have no restrictions on physical preparation, abilities or a state of health.

What can we offer you?

Our company will give you opportunity to take pleasure in the most popular entertainments on water. Water attractions, bathing in the high sea, diving without aqualung – these and other types of extreme rest wait for you.

It is possible to receive an adrenaline charge at any age therefore; entertainments in Cyprus enjoy popularity, both at children, and at elderly people.

We are ready to provide to you:

• The skilled personnel with long-term experience in this sphere;
• The serviceable equipment and equipment which regularly undergoes careful testing;
• Democratic prices.

Our skilled instructors will instruct and the training occupation, and will give any necessary help. Remember that instructing and existence of a life jacket – a guarantee of your safety. In turn, we guarantee serviceability of all equipment and equipment therefore you can enjoy the chosen entertainment, without being afraid for the health.

Water entertainments, which we are ready to offer you:

  • Water skiing in Cyprus
    Water ski

    Such entertainments are a combination of power and grace. If you the skilled professional in similar driving, we are ready to offer you a trip of the increased complexity with many turns. Moreover, beginners in this sport our instructor will quickly teach to stand on water (depending on abilities of the person 3–5 occupations are required). The sea of impressions and delight is guaranteed to everyone.

  • Water skiing in Cyprus
    Adrenaline jumps

    You are finding new adventures. You should make a jump from picturesque and quite high rock. Falling from such height to the sea, free flight and a soft landing in water – new feelings are guaranteed to you. In addition, the reliable insurance and our professional instructors will make such extreme rest completely safe.

  • Limassol parachute
    Flight on a parachute

    To feel a bird, it is worth trying this type of water entertainment. Our powerful boat with power engine to which the parachute with the passenger is attached by a reliable cable, at a certain speed will move against a wind. It will allow you to soar smoothly in air and to take pleasure in tremendous bird's-eye views. In addition, the video camera, which is built in in your helmet, will be able to imprint your adventure in the smallest details.

  • Bathing in the high sea
    Bathing in the high sea

    Does fussy beaches and a constant congestion of many people bothered you? Then go on our yacht to voyage to receive unforgettable impressions of bathing in the high sea. Our skilled captain will send the vessel far to the sea, and you will be able to take pleasure in unification with the real elements. We will show you place where there is no tourist, and bathing in the high sea is opportunity to overcome the fears and to receive a charge of cheerfulness and adrenaline.

  • Лимасол фридайвинг

    This water entertainment is popular with tourists of all age and guarantees the mass of new impressions. If you have experience of diving without aqualung, our instructor will give out you a mask and flippers and will remind safety rules. And that who for the first time decided to be engaged in a freediving, the skilled instructor will explain all subtleties and features of such entertainment. You will be able to feel partial the underwater world, to be loaded with positive power of the sea and to test the real drive.

Want thrill and surge of emotions? Then the most extreme entertainment Cyprus are waiting for you.
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