Main goal, which was pursued by experts of Lagoon, NautaYachtingDesign, and VPLP, working on the Lagoon 450 yacht – creation of the updated 45-foot catamaran which prototype, was the Lagoon 440 model. It enjoyed wide popularity among fans of sea-trips. The new yacht catamaran was highly appreciated by judges of comfortable rest.


Undoubtedly, developers considered unsurpassed quality of the Lagoon 440 yacht differing in magnificent salon and cabins where travelers tested the maximum comfort. The new yacht-catamaran as "the house on water", in it a spacious drawing room, from where opens the magnificent view of sea landscapes. If you rent the Lagoon 450 yacht, it is possible to be sure – rest in Cyprus will be excellent.

Without constraint in a saloon of the Lagoon 450, yacht 8 passengers who took seat behind a dining table can freely settle down.


Scheme of the yacht-catamaran Lagoon 450. Catamaran - is the house on the water. 4 cabins for two people, full kitchen, audio-video equipment, 4 bathrooms with shower, all created for relaxation and comfort.
The deck molding has recessed hatches, cutaway transoms, secure enclosed stairwells and the addition of as sun lounging area “upstairs”. Even the largest of crews can find a space of their own with no less than three cockpits and a dedicated sunbathing space on the roof.


All 4 cabins of the yacht are equipped according to the highest category – a luxury double bed, the powerful conditioner, the amazing views from big windows.
The Lagoon 450 yacht catamaran will provide to guests possibility of communication, passengers won't feel isolated from the world, there is Wi-Fi thanks to what it will be possible to share regularly with friends the impressions of travel and the best photos.
Power supply of the yacht is organized perfectly – it is possible to use electric devices, charge cell phones, use the laptop, and the other equipment.
The kitchen of the yacht-catamaran is equipped by all necessary: the microwave oven, the ice generator, refrigerators, the gas stove with an oven – passengers will be able to realize the culinary abilities, creating the real masterpieces from the fish caught in the sea.
There is a possibility to order of the tastiest dishes from the most prestigious restaurants of Limassol.

The catamaran of Lagoon 450 has four bathrooms – 2 on each board. The modern bathroom equipment, convenient bathrooms – all details are thought over to trifles – yachting in Cyprus will bring exclusively pleasant emotions.


Perhaps, it is worth describing in more detail advantages of the yacht-catamaran. There are a lot of them:

Rapidity. A catamaran with the same dimensions as the yacht, it is capable to gather the speed 20-25% higher;
Small a yacht catamaran deposit, allowing to swim up to sites with small depth;
Extremely steady design of Lagoon 450, thanks to this property even the passengers inclined to seasickness won't feel unpleasant feelings, on the deck it will be possible to move quietly, and the ware with drinks won't fall down from a table;
Safety. In this parameter to yachts-catamarans isn't present equal, they – are unsinkable and even in case of serious damages will remain afloat?

The Lagoon 450 yacht-catamaran combines three the most important for fans of rest on the quality yacht: simple management, the increased level of safety and unsurpassed comfort.